Ivymount Outreach Programs provides services, programs and therapies to children, young adults, families, schools and organizations throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. All Ivymount Outreach programs and services are provided by Ivymount trained professionals and therapists who are recognized among the best trained special educators in our area. 

Therapy, Services, Tutoring, Assessments and ABA Home Therapies

Ivymount Outreach provides individual and group therapy (OT and Speech), ABA and BCBA direct therapy (including development and supervision of ABA home programs), tutoring, and psychological evaluations and assessments. 

Social Skills Groups and Saturday Camps

Ivymount Outreach provides evidence-based social skills programs, including “Unstuck and On Target”, the popular Saturday program for students with Aspergers and their parents; as well as weekend and after-school groups

Professional Development and Training

Ivymount Outreach provide professional development and training workshops to schools, childcare centers and professionals, that enhance effectiveness in implementation of strategies and supports for students with disabilities. Training and professional development programs are individualized and incorporate current best practices in special education.

Our Staff

Ivymount Outreach staff are BCBAs, ABA instructors, master-level special education teachers, certified therapists and specialists in behavioral, curriculum, educational technology and transition. All staff members are trained in positive behavior management, effective teaching strategies, and social learning curriculum. 

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Contact us:   Outreach@ivymount.org or (301) 469-0223  

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