Measuring Our Impact and Sharing What Works

In addition to ensuring that we are providing helpful and effective services for our students and clients, Ivymount engages in applied research that measures the impact of our instructional practices and curricula. Reviewed and approved by our Human Subjects Research Committee (HSRC), we engage in various research and evaluation projects each year. Our results improve and further refine our curricula and programs.

Through our robust research communication program, Ivymount regularly publishes outcomes in academic journals and presents findings at numerous professional conferences. In order to expand our reach, we cultivate research partnerships with universities, local and regional organizations and government agencies.

Evaluating Our Progress

To ensure continued leadership in the field and successful outcomes for those we serve, we have developed an evaluation process that measures key outcomes related to our mission across all our programs. Annually, we review our outcomes to make sure we are making a positive difference in the lives of those we support.

Ensuring Student and Client Progress

Practicing with evidence-based models. Ivymount bases each program on an individualized evidence-based learning model. Our staff are trained in data-driven instruction in order to maximize student and client success. Ongoing progress monitoring allows staff to make any needed changes along the way, and customize instruction to best meet each individual’s strengths and needs. 

Supporting Independence. Student and client independence is a hallmark of Ivymount instruction. We are committed to serving individuals in the least restrictive environment (LRE) and nurturing autonomy and self-determination across settings. Our goal is success for students in their lives outside of Ivymount, including meaningful participation in work, leisure, independent living, and relationships with friends/family. 

Partnering with Families. Family support is a key part of each individual’s success. We value families’ expertise, integrate their feedback and address their needs and concerns. Family input helps ensure that we are providing socially meaningful programs.

Ensuring Staff Excellence

Investing in Staff Development. Our collective expertise and commitment to lifelong learning sets us apart from other programs. Our evidence-based staff training model constantly evolves with new ways to support our students, clients and each other. Each program offers a rigorous professional development regimen. 

Encouraging Collaboration. Our staff brings diverse perspectives to the table. Whenever possible, we create opportunities for staff with different backgrounds and training to collaboratively design and implement comprehensive, person-centered plans. 

Instilling a Positive Culture.  We recognize the value of fostering a safe and supportive culture for students, clients, staff and families. Staff are selected based on their commitment to person-centered instruction, openness to collaboration with colleagues and families and respect for the rights of all individuals, including those from the neurodiverse community.

Ensuring Community Leadership

Partnering with the Community. Community engagement is an important part of who we are. We cultivate community partnerships with universities, local and regional organizations, internship and employment sites and government agencies.

Publication and Dissemination. We are committed to innovation and dissemination of cutting edge practices within the field of education. Ivymount supports applied research that helps us test and promote effective practices developed and/or adapted by staff. Ivymount has established a robust program of publication, dissemination and professional development. Reviewed and approved by our Human Subjects Research Committee (HSRC), these program evaluation projects enable us to both gather impact data for specific curricula and teaching strategies, and ensure that instruction is working as intended. Each year, we collaborate to set an applied research agenda.

Publications and Presentations

Ivymount staff publish articles in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, including: Language, Speech and Hearing Services in Schools; Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation; and Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. 

Our staff also present regularly at local and national professional conferences.