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We share what works. Ivymount staff develop and pilot innovative, instructional products and training resources for sharing beyond the walls of Ivymount.

We are proud to offer:

Conversation Club 

Filled with a cast of kid-friendly characters, this fun and innovative curriculum supports elementary-aged students with the “how” and “why” of conversation. 


This online tool software package offers a one stop shop for assessing students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) strengths and needs. IvySCIP can be used to identify instructional priority areas, develop high quality Individual Education Plan goals, link to lesson plans, and track progress over time.

This Is Me: A Self-Advocacy Tool

This user-friendly how-to guide provides instructions for creating This is Me, a digital, self-advocacy tool. This is Me can support neurodiverse individuals in sharing their unique skill sets, strengths, and interests, as well as advocating for communication and behavioral supports and strategies to promote inclusive environments and interactions with novel communication partners.


We offer access to online training by Ivymount professionals on topics ranging from social and emotional learning, to self-advocacy, and the transition to adult life.

How We Measure Our Impact

We want to ensure we do the best job possible to support our students, clients, families and staff. That’s why Ivymount engages in applied research that measures the impact of our instructional practices, curricula, and the tools we develop. 

How Our Experts Collaborate

We value continual learning and professional development. That’s why Ivymount is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration and extensive training

Conversation Club

The Conversation Club curriculum offers an innovative, research-based method of teaching both the “how” and “why” of conversation to neurodiverse elementary school students with social cognition challenges. Written by staff at Ivymount and The Maddux School, Conversation Club includes a cast of kid-friendly characters designed to facilitate thinking about the social importance of each skill. 

To purchase Conversation Club, please email outreach@ivymount.org. 

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Over the course of the program, students will learn:

  • What conversation is, and why it’s important 
  • How to select a mutually agreeable conversation topic 
  • How to use our eyes and ears to think about our conversation partner 
  • How to repair simple conversation breakdowns 
  • Tricks for remembering what our conversation partner says 
  • How to expand the depth and breadth of conversation 
  • How to combine all these skills when talking to our conversation partners

What the experts say about Conversation Club:

This Is Me: A Self- Advocacy Tool

This is Me is a personalized, digital tool designed to support self-advocacy for neurodiverse individuals. This is Me provides neurodiverse individuals and their families with a means of sharing important information about themselves with novel communication partners via captioned pictures and video clips (Pouliot et al., 2017). This is Me builds on existing research in the fields of transition and communication by doing the following: (1) fostering self-advocacy; (2) focusing on the communication skills of neurodiverse individuals and their communication partners; and (3) using inclusive and readily accessible assistive technologies.

Start Creating Your Own This is Me Self-Advocacy Tool

Click below to read through the How-To Guide. Click in the bottom right corner to expand to a fullscreen view.

Ivymount Social Cognition Instructional Package (IvySCIP)​

We are pleased to share an innovative platform developed by Ivymount professionals. IvySCIP offers comprehensive support for teachers and related service professionals providing social and emotional learning (SEL) instruction to students in grades K-6 with social cognition challenges. 

IvySCIP is an online program that includes an assessment tool, IEP goal builder, lesson plans and reports for the needs of each student.