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We are proud to offer:

Conversation Club 

Filled with a cast of kid-friendly characters, this fun and innovative curriculum supports elementary-aged students with the “how” and “why” of conversation. 


This online tool software package offers a one stop shop for assessing students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) strengths and needs. IvySCIP can be used to identify instructional priority areas, develop high quality Individual Education Plan goals, link to lesson plans, and track progress over time.

This Is Me: A Self-Advocacy Tool

This user-friendly handbook provides instructions on how to create This is Me stories. Students with communication challenges and developmental disabilities create these stories as a handy digital reference to self-advocate for the supports they need and to share vital personal information.


We offer access to online training by Ivymount professionals on topics ranging from social and emotional learning, to self-advocacy, and the transition to adult life.

How We Measure Our Impact

We want to ensure we do the best job possible to support our students, clients, families and staff. That’s why Ivymount engages in applied research that measures the impact of our instructional practices, curricula, and the tools we develop. 

How Our Experts Collaborate

We value continual learning and professional development. That’s why Ivymount is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration and extensive training

Conversation Club

The Conversation Club curriculum offers an innovative, research-based method of teaching both the “how” and “why” of conversation to neurodiverse elementary school students with social cognition challenges. Written by staff at Ivymount and The Maddux School, Conversation Club includes a cast of kid-friendly characters designed to facilitate thinking about the social importance of each skill. 

To purchase Conversation Club, please email outreach@ivymount.org. 

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Over the course of the program, students will learn:

  • What conversation is, and why it’s important 
  • How to select a mutually agreeable conversation topic 
  • How to use our eyes and ears to think about our conversation partner 
  • How to repair simple conversation breakdowns 
  • Tricks for remembering what our conversation partner says 
  • How to expand the depth and breadth of conversation 
  • How to combine all these skills when talking to our conversation partners

What the experts say about Conversation Club:

This Is Me: A Self- Advocacy Tool

This customized, digital tool allows students to develop a story with their teacher, speech language pathologist, and/or educational team. The tool uses a story creation application that is easy to program. This Is Me stories contain student strategies for areas of communication, self-advocacy, executive function, behavior, and personal preferences. Each page of the story has a picture or video illustrating the strategy. This is Me stories are designed to be developed and shared by autistic students and those with intellectual disabilities who also experience expressive, receptive, and/or pragmatic communication difficulties.  

About This is Me

Important information about students’ support strategies is often lost during transitions (e.g., transitions to a new classroom or school building, or from school to work). This Is Me offers an innovative, individualized, portable digital solution that ensures students can communicate critical information about themselves to a wide range of communication partners, including new teachers/classroom staff, related service providers, job coaches, supervisors, and other important people in their lives.

Research consistently shows that academic, social, and vocational outcomes are superior for students with greater self-advocacy skills. For example, studies suggest that self-determination is one of the key indicators of post-school success. This Is Me puts students in the driver’s seat when it comes to advocating for their own support needs. This is Me allows students to share their own information independently using their customized This is Me story, rather than relying on others.

The This Is Me self-advocacy tool was developed by a speech-language pathologist working with transition-aged students at the Ivymount School, and was then refined by an Ivymount team. The tool supports school-to-work students with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disabilities and concomitant moderate-severe receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language deficits.

A recently published study indicates a positive relationship between viewing students’ This Is Me stories and improved understanding by  job coaches and employers about students’ support strategies. Employers also reported adopting more effective communication strategies after viewing students’ stories.  

We recently developed a “how to” guide for creating This Is Me stories. We are currently planning a more rigorous follow-up study of the impact of This Is Me stories on students and their novel communication partners. In addition, we are seeking funders and/or investors to help us develop a This Is Me app.  We are also seeking university partners for additional research into the impact of This Is Me on young adults.

Click here if you would like to purchase the how-to guide. Additionally, a recently published article describes what This is Me stories are and how to make them. For more information on how you can use This Is Me to support your students’ self-advocacy, or to schedule a training or consultation, contact Ivymount Outreach at outreach@ivymount.org. 

We have created a how-to guide for creating This Is Me stories. To purchase the how-to guide click here.

Ivymount Social Cognition Instructional Package (IvySCIP)

We are pleased to share an innovative platform developed by Ivymount professionals. IvySCIP offers comprehensive support for teachers and related service professionals providing social and emotional learning (SEL) instruction to students in grades K-6 with social cognition challenges. 

IvySCIP is an online program that includes an assessment tool, IEP goal builder, lesson plans and reports for the needs of each student.