Ivymount Endeavors Outreach Program

Compassionately combining science with the art of practice

Ivymount Endeavors Family Services

Supports individuals and their families in home and community settings through assessment, treatment recommendations, and ongoing therapy/consultation services.

Endeavors Early Childhood Clinic (ECC)

Teaches the foundational skills necessary for a lifelong journey of learning with a focus on the development of communication, play, and social skills. 

Endeavors Outreach Programs

Our Endeavors Outreach Program serves clients through a highly individualized and collaborative approach to learning. Our team supports the unique needs of individuals, families, and professionals in the DC Metro area.

Across two decades, Endeavors Outreach Programs successfully grew out of our Endeavors School Program, previously called the Ivymount Autism Program. School staff started providing in-home, wrap-around services to students through our Outreach services to provide support beyond the classroom. These services allowed families to benefit from comprehensive care and fostered the professional growth and development of our staff. Shortly after that, families of students outside of Ivymount, local agencies, and other professionals sought the expertise and approach of our team. As a result, Endeavors Outreach continues utilizing the same best practices. 

Endeavors Family Services

Your child’s success is our success. That’s why Ivymount Endeavors partners with our other Ivymount Programs to build a community of support for your family through behavior assessment and recommendations, consultation, and therapeutic services.  

How We Help  

  • Provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) home programming and consultation 
  • Provide assessment and treatment for challenging behaviors 
  • Focus on educational assessment, recommendations, and tutoring  
  • Provide support for short term family priorities (e.g., toileting, specific food refusal)  
  • Train parents and families  
  • Assess existing supports and programming and review the home environment 

We are ready to help. You’ll hear from us within five business days after completing the inquiry form to request services

Endeavors Early Childhood Clinic (ECC)

We celebrate your child for who they are and use a play-based approach to foster learning and growth. Our team of experts follows the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop autonomous communication, play, and social skills that will set your child up to be happy and successful.   

Teaching interactions are student-led and adult-directed. Our unique interdisciplinary teaching model serves to support the whole child, blending classroom education with speech and language and occupational therapy services. 

How We Help 

  • Provide a comprehensive early intervention program for children, ages 2-5 in our clinic on the Ivymount campus 
  • Instruct students for 30 hours per week in a developmentally focused learning environment 
  • Embed speech and occupational therapy into daily instruction 
  • Collaborate with parents to review student progress and foster integration of skills within the home and community 
  • Support out-of-network insurance authorizations


How We Teach

ABA is the science of learning. Its principles help us identify how each individual learns best and what motivates them.  With motivation, consistency, and a lot of fun, a world of possibilities lies ahead with regard to learning new skills. ABA is evidence-based and has a significant body of scientific literature that supports its effectiveness to teach new skills.

In the ECC we:     

  • Embrace a 1:1 student ratio  
  • Provide extensive and student-oriented training for all ABA Therapists  
  • Employ highly qualified Board Certified Behavior Analysts as well as licensed speech and occupational therapists  
  • Teach through play and fun 

How We Collaborate

  • Engage licensed speech (SLP) and occupational therapists (OT) to work in harmony with each learner’s team to embed programming across the day and promote generalization of skills 
  • Use the classroom and SLP/OT partnership to assess needs, develop programming, evaluate progress and make adjustments as necessary 
  • Provide consultation services like observation, assessment, staff training, program recommendations and progress monitoring

Our Team

We are educators who celebrate individuality and practice compassion. Our leadership team, composed of highly-qualified special education professionals, is here to help students, families, and other professionals every step of the way. All service providers are Ivymount Organization’s trained educators, behavior analysts, and registered behavior technicians. 

Please note that Ivymount Endeavors does not accept payment from third parties including health insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, or the Maryland Autism Waiver.  We are considered an out-of-network provider for all health insurers.  Should you like to use your out of network benefits, we will work with your family and insurance provider to ensure reimbursement for services (e.g., creating receipts with the appropriate CPT codes, bi-annual assessments, and reports)