Former Student Lends Skills at Stables  

Miriam is a recent Ivymount graduate who spends her days at the Wheaton Stables, where she has worked on and off since Ivymount first secured an internship there for her. Her mom Mary says Miriam was “very well prepared” for her transition into the adult world of work based on the training and internship opportunities she experienced while at Ivymount School. Miriam especially likes recycling, and her mom jokes that Miriam – like many young people – is more enthusiastic about working at the barn than she is about helping out at home.   

Miriam currently attends the Cura Personalis Project (CPP), a non-profit organization that provides meaningful day programming, including vocational, social and life skills instruction, to adults with developmental differences. CPP was co-founded by Ivymount alumni parent Kim Khan and former Ivymount head teacher Becky Roe. They’re assisted by former Ivymount teacher Jen Etzel.

Miriam’s support staff take her to the stables each day, where she is able to choose from a variety of tasks. She fills the vending machine and grooms horses, in addition to handling the recycling. A nonverbal student, Miriam graduated from Ivymount’s Endeavors Program with a certificate of completion. Her mom now manages Miriam’s work and leisure schedule through self-directed services.

Between her work with CPP and Spirit Club, which offers social activities at the barn for all CPP members, Miriam stays busy and continues to be engaged with learning new skills and meeting new friends.

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