IvyCares Initiative Nurtures Kindness

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Every November we celebrate and invest in our commitment to ensuring a culture of kindness through our IvyCares Initiative. Through IvyCares month, we celebrate caring as a priority by creating opportunities for our students, staff, and our community to: 

  • Reflect on the positive impact our actions can have on others 
  • Practice gratitude and kindness to others 
  • Show care and kindness for ourselves 
  • Value our relationships with each other and invest in these friendships and partnerships 
  • Embrace diversity by appreciating qualities and experiences that are different from our own and celebrating our individual differences 
  • Expand our circle of care by taking steps to make positive changes in our community 

Throughout the month, there are a variety of activities and discussions for students, families and staff. Here are just a few. For students, activities have included reflecting on what caring means and creating a “caring chain” made up of answers; discussing recycling and respecting our classrooms and shared items; practicing giving and receiving compliments; and writing growth mindset statements and other positive affirmations. 

For parents, Ivymount school “popped” in to say, “Happy World Kindness Day” with a bag of popcorn in backpacks, and the mental health team held a virtual seminar on effective parenting during difficult situations.

Staff have given shout outs to coworkers, led presentations for each other on mindfulness and managing stress, hosted a staff blood drive benefiting the American Red Cross, and gathered for snacks, pie-tasting and smoothies.

Through IvyCares, together we are establishing traditions that contribute to our positive, diverse, and inclusive culture.


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