Ivymount School Updates Program Names

After much thought and discussion amongst stakeholders, Ivymount School is announcing changes to our program and model names that complement our community’s positive and growth-focused approach to learning.

The Ivymount community has long felt that the school’s program model names are no longer representative of our diverse student population. Ivymount School’s programs continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our community. To support continued growth and more accurately capture our current student body, we are introducing new names.

What are the new names?

For many years, Ivymount School students were assigned to either the Autism Program or one of the Elementary/Middle or Secondary Program models; MAP (Model Asperger Program), MLN (Multiple Learning Needs), or School to Work Post High School. Our updated names are:

  • Endeavors School Program, formerly the Autism Program
  • Aspire School Program, students in Elementary through High School are assigned to a classroom model based on their individual academic and adaptive strengths and needs. Model names are:
    • Aspire School Program – Social & Academic Learning Model, formerly MAP
    • Aspire School Program – Applied & Academic Learning Model, formerly MLN

Will the programs or models change?

We are updating the names, but the programs, models, curricula, and evidence-based approaches will remain the same. Your student’s school team members will continue to provide their expertise in their specific disciplines.

Why are you changing the names?

Our understanding of, and the way we speak about, our neurodiverse community continues to evolve. We feel that the Endeavors and Aspire names reflect our mission to support achievement and autonomy for our entire neurodiverse community of students. 

Additionally, the changes will streamline our state budgeting process. The Maryland State Department of Education accepts four budgets from us annually: Elementary/Middle, Secondary, Autism Program, and Project Search. The Aspire School Program will fall under Elementary/Middle and Secondary. The Endeavors School Program will be the new name for our Autism Program.

We’re excited to be celebrating six decades of Ivymount throughout this school year. Our recent updates to our look and to the way we talk about our programs and students is part of our continuous evolution over the decades.


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