IvyShares Highlights Staff Expertise

IvyShares fellowship recipients participated in the IvyShares Fair, where they shared information on their projects and spoke with staff members across the entire organization.

IvyShares awards fellowships to staff and teams who undertake a special project beyond their job description that: 1) helps our learners to live their best, most fulfilling lives 2) supports our staff and families in making intelligent, thoughtful choices in partnership with our learners, and 3) provides leadership across Ivymount and the greater community. Congratulations to our amazing IvyShares awardees. Here are their topics, and a few photos from the fair!

  • Analyzing Impact of Explicit Instruction Model on Justification and Reasoning of Open-ended Questions Utilizing Valid Scientific Evidence and a Rubric for Students in a Special Education Classroom Lead: Allison Panichella, Team Member: Brooke Hess; The Ivymount School, Multiple Learning Needs Program
  • An Evaluation of the Multiple Learning Needs Distance Model Team Members: Lauren Lestremau, Jessica Boyle, Brooke Hess; The Ivymount School, Multiple Learning Needs Program
  • Using the Unique Perspectives of School Aged Females with Developmental Disabilities to Inform Social Language Groups Team Members: Kelly Offutt and Julia Donovan; The Ivymount School, Speech-Language Therapy Department
  • Compilation of Autism Program Social Skills Materials and Resources Team Members: Danielle Evans and Jennifer Kent; The Ivymount School, Speech Department-Autism Program collaboration
  • Teacher Trainings in an Interactive Format Team Members: Lauren Lestremau, Jessica Boyle; The Ivymount School, Multiple Learning Needs Program
  • This is Me, Self-Advocacy Tool Dani Evans, Kelly Offutt, Ann Kern, The Ivymount School, Speech Language Therapy Department
  • Effectiveness of Shared Activities to Increase Peer Interactions of Adolescents/Children with ASD/Comorbid Language Disorders Lead: Kelly Offutt, Team Members: Ann Kern, Lauren Lestremau; The Ivymount School, Speech Department-Multiple Learning Needs collaboration
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Social Learning (STEAMS) Curriculum Lead: Tarrah Crooks, The Maddux School
  • Guided Reading Grab and Go Team Members: Amanda Dennison and Kathryn Sullivan; The Maddux School 


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