Mary Merrick: the Ultimate Ivymount Volunteer

If there is a single volunteer whose name will be forever linked to Ivymount, it is Mary Merrick. She volunteered in the classroom, in the school office, on the board, and as an advocate for special education. One of Mary’s most repeated quotes was, “I have always said, there is ‘no other place’ like Ivymount.” 

Ivymount’s first home was at Christ Lutheran Church, where Mary was a member. Inspired by the commitment of Pastor Schuetze in making a home for the school, Mary became an essential volunteer in 1962 and truly never left that role for well over forty years. From volunteering in the office before there was any paid staff, to finding creative ways to fundraise through bridge marathons, bazaars and eventually auctions, to asking friends and community members for support, Mary was a bold ambassador for the mission.

“I never minded asking anybody for whatever we needed for the school because I always could say I know personally the money is being well spent,” she told Shari Gelman for the 50th anniversary book named after her quote, No Other Place.

In 2005, Mary was honored for her 43 years of extraordinary service to the Ivymount community. She had served as President of the Board for an unprecedented five terms, volunteered in virtually every capacity, and not only provided generous financial support, but engaged others to do the same.

“Mary Merrick was the ultimate volunteer for close to five decades,” says Jan Wintrol, former Ivymount Executive Director. “As a classroom volunteer, a board leader, and advocate, she was without equal.”

Read about how Ivymount started with one student and one teacher, then grew into the organization of today.

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