Stories of Ivymount Launched on New Webpage

Six Decades of Ivymount page image

Do you know how Ivymount got started in 1961, how many unique programs we’ve created, or the many ways that Ivymount has contributed to individuals’ personal and professional lives? Our ongoing Six Decades of Ivymount celebration is an opportunity for us to shout to the world how proud we are of our amazing community of current and former families, staff, partners, volunteers and donors.

We invite you to visit a new page on our website to check out a timeline of Ivymount’s history and read our stories. Experience the evolution of special education, the personal triumphs, and the professional dedication that IS the story of 60+ years of Ivymount.

We will continue to add to the stories in the coming months so make sure to check the webpage frequently and look for weekly posts on social media.  

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