Updated Look for Ivymount

We’re kicking off a year-long celebration of six decades of Ivymount. As we honor the past and boldly step into the future, it’s the perfect time to refresh Ivymount’s look! Watch our 30-second video below to see and feel the new logos and colors!

We asked our community what Ivymount means to you. Your top qualities? Trustworthy, Experienced, Innovative, Caring. You told us you wanted to see brighter colors and powerful visuals that will appeal to all age groups, so we updated the color palette, font and emblem.

The new “Layered Ivy” emblem is an evolution of the current Ivymount brand. It conveys our ongoing commitment to innovate, share our expertise, and meet the changing needs of the community. The word mark has been updated to a new font that is modern and approachable, while also grounding the logo as a whole. The color palette expands on the familiar Ivymount dark greens and blues. We’ve added an array of new secondary colors that are vibrant, dynamic, and that reflect the neurodiverse community we serve.

We remain dedicated to our mission: to enable our learners to live their best, most fulfilling lives.

We invest in Ivymount professionals to provide compassionate and evidence-based supports. And we are most effective when we engage with you, our Ivymount Community.

As we embark on a year-long celebration of Ivymount’s six decades, our new look recognizes how far we’ve come and where we want to go together!


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