Ivymount Staff Share What Works 

Maddy Levy, a current IvyShares recipient, is putting together a checklist of best practices for preparing neurodiverse students for life after Ivymount. Tarrah Crooks is compiling a multi-sensory, STEAM curriculum (i.,e., science/technology/engineering/art/math) for young learners. Madeline Hart is compiling a manual of social and emotional learning terms and concepts for sharing with parents so they can support their children’s learning at home and in the community. Madeline says of her experience, “Being able to do an IvyShares project has helped me think about how we can really help students with generalization and consistency outside of school …, and having the opportunity to put something together that will help families is very satisfying.” 

Tull Enrichment Grants were initially established to support the exceptional work of Ivymount staff, thanks to the generosity of Bill and Suzanne Tull, and the Tull program ran from 2005 to 2015.  The initiative began again in 2019 as IvyShares, renamed to focus on our expanding reach within the broad field of special education, and is available through the generous support of the Investing in Excellence Fund, developed in 2018 to honor former CEO and School Director Jan Wintrol. Both programs have enabled Ivymount staff to share their best ideas with others. 

Each year, awards are given to Ivymount staff who undertake special projects beyond their job descriptions that help our learners live their most fulfilling lives, support our teachers, therapists and families in making thoughtful choices in partnership with our learners, and provide leadership across Ivymount and beyond. Projects have addressed literacy, sexuality, language development, conversation skills, learning technologies, staff training, and transition to post-school life.

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