Twin Sisters Discover Love of Dancing 

Twin sisters, Jasmine and Jessica, entered Ivymount at age seven, facing significant learning challenges. At Ivymount, the twins thrived, mastering communication skills and learning how to stay focused when completing new tasks. The twins – now young adults – also developed a passion and talent for music and dance and participated in Ivymount’s then-dance group and chorus. These activities helped improve their self-esteem, enabling them to pursue dance training at a professional studio. There, Jasmine and Jessica continue to apply skills learned at Ivymount, such as breaking down dances into steps, coping with frustration, and asking for help when needed. Their mother says, “Ivymount helped the girls be more outgoing, confident, and expressive. They loved going to school – which was not true before Ivymount!

Watch the video below to see Jasmine and Jessica share their love of dancing at an Ivymount alumni event.

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