Women Leaders Continue to Blaze a Trail in Education and Advocacy

Ivymount leaders in special education photo

The Ivymount Organization has a six-decade history of leadership by highly-educated, skilled and passionate women. From the original founders, to staff, volunteers, and supporters, women have played a leading role in creating services to meet the needs of the community and advocating on behalf of students, families and staff. Read our Six Decades of Ivymount series to learn more.

The tradition continues with Ivymount’s current leadership occupying senior positions in organizations that represent special education interests, where they lend their expertise, advocacy and time. We caught up with three of them to find out what issues are on the front burner and how they hope to make a difference. Click to read more about each of these three engaged Ivymount trail blazers.

Ivymount Director Elected to National Board

How can special education centers attract and retain the most qualified and passionate staff? Ivymount’s Stacey McIntyre, Director of Resource and Training will work on this goal with NAPSEC.

Working on Behalf of Special Education Teachers with MANSEF 

Ivymount’s Jennie Kampf, Aspire Program Director, helps lead MANSEF’s advocacy on teacher salary parity.

Ivymount Transition Specialist Appointed to MANSEF Committee

What do parents and educators need to know about Transition? Ivymount Transition Specialist Alyssa Yeager will work on the answers with our partner MANSEF.



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